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T'is the Season! Join us in London for our Christmas Conference: Space and Spaces Friday 8th December


We are honored to have keynote speaker, Dr. Ellen McHugh, who will deliver a presentation on "Contested Memories in Liminal Spaces: An Auto/Bio-Geographical Journey in Salonika." Ellen's abstract provides a glimpse into the fascinating exploration of contested memories within the liminal spaces of Salonika, Greece. Through the lens of theoretical geographical concepts of space and place, she will delve into the intricacies of how memories can be contested, retold, reimagined, and repurposed.

Using the medium of auto-photography, Ellen will guide us through the everyday geographies of Salonika, unraveling the stories of migration, belonging, and identity that intertwine with the city's rich history. From the destruction of Smyrna to World War 2, the Holocaust, the dictatorship from 1967-1974, the 1978 earthquake, and into the present day of reckoning and reconciliation, her narrative is a journey through time encapsulated within the city's spaces. Ellen's personal family history is intricately woven into the historical fabric of Northern Greece. Her grandfather's story finds definition in the traces left behind in the buildings, streets, ruins, and spaces of Salonika.

Conference Details:

  • Date: Friday, 8 December
  • Venue: Friends House, Euston, London, UK

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Lastly, we are grateful for your patience; the new issue of our journal will be released imminently. The forthcoming contributions showcase the depth and breadth of auto/biographical work, promising a rich and diverse collection of pieces. We hope you'll thoroughly enjoy the upcoming issue, building on Liz Stanley's excellent piece published in advance.