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Thirty Years and Counting: An-other auto/biographical story


In this article I share some of my experience of arguing for and doing auto/biography with reference to some of my research and writing interests and concerns. I reflect on how for me  auto/biographical work highlights, and celebrates, the political aspects and responsibilities of both the process and the product of research. I show how my own ways of working in this way is part of a feminist sociologist tradition and how my own experience has led to different and creative ways of working which can be significant in terms of impact both in and outside of the academy.  In an attempt to provide some examples of my own place in the construction of the knowledge I present some of my creative auto/biographical work in the areas of non/motherhood and food sharing between friends and acquaintances.


nonmotherhood, food sharing, Creative methodologies, feminism, friends, acquaintances


Author Biography

Gayle Letherby

Gayle Letherby is Visiting Professor of Sociology at the University of Plymouth and Visiting Professor at the University of Greenwich. Alongside substantive interests in reproductive and non/parental identities; gender, health, and wellbeing; loss and bereavement; travel and transport mobility, and gender and identity within institutions I have always been fascinated by research methodology, including auto/biographical, feminist, and creative practices. In recent years I have become interested in writing sociologically for non-academic audiences and creative writing within academic work. For some examples of different sorts of writing, see and


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